It’s a new year!

We’re several days into 2017, and I have a confession. My goals, plans, and dreams for the year are still on various scattered papers, completely unorganized. December was a pretty heavy month at work, and I wasn’t able to take off as much at the end of the year as I usually do.

I don’t make resolutions, but do always a set of goals I am always working on and updating. I also like to make a list of things I would like to try, accomplish, learn each year. This year, I’m assigning a country to each month. The plan is to each month spend time learning about the country, cooking some traditional dishes from the country, and reading a novel or collection of short stories by an author from that country.

What’s on your list for 2017? If you are still looking for an easy way to keep up with what you want to do, I’ve made this form (or click the image below) for download (Adobe Reader needed).

2017 Dream List | Always with Grace

Always with gratitude

This month, as many do in November, I set out to record thanks givings daily. I wanted to be more intentional in recognizing and recording something specific each day. As I began, I knew there were some things I could not overlook – the grace we have from God, my family and friends, good health – but I also hoped I would find myself grateful for the small and unexpected parts of life, and those things that just happen and that we don’t often give a lot of thought to.

My list so far:

  1. God’s saving grace
  2. Loved ones
  3. Good health
  4. Puppy sounds
  5. Restful weekends
  6. Freedom to worship
  7. Rain
  8. Freedom to vote
  9. Freedom to speak for and against our government
  10. Opportunities to pursue a passion – learning French
  11. An encouraging note from a sweet friend, landing just when God knew I needed it
  12. Quiet
  13. Colorful leaves (we finally have some!)

Perhaps more than anything, this exercise is making me really stop and consider my abundances, and how fortunate I am to have a life that allows joy and thankfulness for things such as puppy sounds and colorful leaves.